Arkansas Massage Therapy

If you're in the need of a massage, there are a plethora of opportunities with your choice of technique, Swedish, Indian, or Reiki. If you reside in one of the three largest cities of Arkansas, Little Rock, Fort Smith, or Fayetteville, you’ve found body central, for your health and wellness needs.
Finding a massage therapist in any of the three largest cities in Arkansas is as easy as opening a phone book or using your favorite online search program. You can enjoy a massage all day, or for those who have very little time, in as little as 30 minutes. The average rate for a thirty minute massage is only $30. If you can afford a little more time, an hour and a half massage would run you from $90 to $135. If an average massage is not enough for you, after your long and hard day at work in which you need a little bit more attention, there are several additional options you can include. Many massage therapists offer hot stones, foot scrubs, aromatherapy, sea salt, and Shiro-Abhyanga, just to name a few. For those of you who require an all day experience, you may choose from a four hour or up to six hours of special treatment. You will be pampered all day with a manicure, pedicure, facial massage, a light lunch, and a Vicky rain shower, in addition to the basic massage.
Many of the massage therapist salons I’ve found also offer treatment sessions for expecting mothers. They will also travel to your place of business or residence for a small additional fee, which is normally around $30.
There are a few schools one can attend to become a licensed massage therapist; Blue Cliff College in Fayetteville, AR and Heritage College in Little Rock, AR. Both schools are accredited and recognized by the State of Arkansas.
Massage Therapy is a recognized art of therapy regulated by the Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy. For one to become a professionally licensed massage therapist in the state of Arkansas, one must have graduated from an accredited massage therapy school with a program which incorporates 500 hours of hands-on therapy instruction. The student must be at least 18 years of age, be a High School Graduate or obtained a GED, have been medically tested and cleared for infectious tuberculosis (TB), must submit to a criminal background check, pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) examination, and pass the Arkansas Law examination. May I say, not an easy feat. For the license to remain active, their current license cannot have expired. The therapists must complete 18 hours of continuing education and renew their license every two years.
A therapist can also apply to become a Master Massage therapist or massage therapy instructor. Both of which the therapist must have completed at least 125 and 250 hours of continuing education, respectively. The therapist must have also completed 250 hours of practical experience and pass a criminal background check (state and federal). In addition, the application must be notarized.
If you’re in the need of pampering, remember, massage therapy has many benefits. It increases your circulation, boosts your immune system, clears the energy centers of your body, and prevents and alleviates pain. If you need to reduce the stress and tension in your life, consider a therapeutic massage.

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