Georgia Massage Therapy

Between long hours at the office, stress about the job market, running the kids to sports, and still trying to find time to volunteer at the shelter, it's no wonder your body has started to feel the very physical toll of all the tension in your life. It's time to find a massage therapist – someone who can ease the aches, calm your nerves, and allow your mind to feel blissful, soothing clarity.

It's important to find a massage therapist that can provide you with the right type of massage, and one of the best places to search for therapists in Georgia is The Massage Therapists Directory provided by You may also want to check out the American Massage Therapy Association, to search for licensed therapists with other credentials. As there are different types of massage specifically targeted for muscle pain, injury, stress relief, and as a preventive measure, it's best to spend a bit of time researching the assorted schools of massage, and determining which type is most appealing to your specific tensions. This will substantially cut down the time you spend later in searching for a specific therapist. It may also be a good idea to ask around to friends, family, and your primary care physician to see if anyone is already using an especially great massage therapist. This way, your referral comes from a trusted source (and some therapists may even offer referral discount programs).

While conducting your search for a massage therapist in Georgia, be it one in Atlanta, Columbus, or Savannah, look for a therapist who is current with all state regulations. Georgia requires that licensed therapists complete 500 hours of training, as well as 24 hours of continuing education training every two years. Therapists must also pass either the MBLEx (Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination) or NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork). Always be sure to ask your massage therapist about his or her background and training – you want to find someone whom you not only trust and feel comfortable will provide you a calming experience, but someone who is trained properly and has experience. Georgia offers a number of massage therapy training schools, including The Savannah School of Massage Therapy Training, Rising Spirit Institute, and Atlanta Massage School.

Massages in Georgia will vary in price depending on the type of massage you desire, but many are available in the $30-$60 range for a session lasting 30 minutes to an hour, while other therapists offer longer, more extensive massages for 90 minutes at an average price range of $80-$110. Some clinics also offer memberships, which allows you to receive multiple massages for a lower price, and student prices for those at local universities and colleges.

When preparing for your first massage and searching out the best therapists in Georgia, be sure to research both therapists and types of massage before getting started – going into your massage knowing you made the right choice will make the experience even greater.

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