Massachusetts Massage Therapy

If you plan to get a massage in Massachusetts you can be assured you will be in good hands. This is because the state has stringent guidelines each therapist must meet. Each person offering their services in massage must first be authorized by the Board of Registration of Massage Therapy. The board maintains high standards and works to protect consumers by investigating and resolving against practitioners. It also works to maintain high educational standards for each person practicing in the profession.

In order for a person to become a qualified massage therapist they must undergo a challenging educational program. The training not only includes the different techniques of properly giving a massage but also information and training on the body – this is so no patron will be hurt during the session. The training in Massachusetts consists of 650 hours. Each candidate must pass the State Law Test on statues and regulations. Once this is completed the candidate receives a license. Some cities and counties have additional regulations which must be met.

You can find a massage therapist in all of the major cities – particularly in Boston, South Boston, and Worcester.
Presently Massachusetts has 7,293 credentialed practitioners. Although the board attempts to keep out any therapist who has not received appropriate training or who has not been licensed, it is important for any customer to make certain that their massage therapist has the proper, current license.

Charges for a massage in the state vary according to the region. For example, in the small town of Swansea services are available for $60 to $80 per hour. In Boston, perhaps due to the competition and number of massage therapists available, a massage costs about $45 to $100. per hour. In one of the larger cities, Worcester, there are a number of massage therapists. There rates range from $50. to $100. per hour. Springfield has massage services available for $60 to $80 per hour.

There are a number of massage therapy training schools in Massachusetts. Some of these schools have multiple locations throughout the state, such as The Salter School and the Lincoln Technical Institute. There are also several programs offered through community colleges in different locations. There are approximately three dozen schools offering massage training located throughout the state.

A massage is becoming recognized as a positive way to improve overall health as well as to manage chronic illness and pain. This is why massages are now being offered in hospitals, doctors offices, health clubs, gyms, and a number of other facilities. Every massage therapist has the responsibility to act in a professional manner. This includes the demeanor as well as the appropriate dress – if working in a hospital then scrubs might be appropriate; a uniform might be appropriate when working in a gym or spa. The therapist should always maintain records on the customer. This begins with an intake form which indicates any health problems as well as follow up records indicating the type of massage offered, specific areas that needed attention, and any other pertinent information.

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