Massage Therapy Alabama

In the state of Alabama there are several ways to find a massage therapist. Doing your homework is well worth the trouble because the difference between a great massage and an OK message is night and day.
You can easily find a massage therapist by searching online by city. The three largest cities in Alabama are Birmingham, Mobile and Montgomery. An example of searching by city would be typing in Birmingham and massage therapy. You will find there are more than enough practices to choose from. However, that is the easy part. Now you need to make sure the therapist you choose is reputable and regulated by the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy. Any massage therapist you may be considering should meet all criteria set by the law. At this time there are only 24 states that have a board that regulates requirements in order to practice massage therapy. Alabama is one of these states. To get more information on requirements you can contact the board by phone at (334) 269-9990 or visit their website at . Contact through mail should be sent to The Alabama Board of Massage Therapy at 660 Adams Avenue, suite 150 Montgomery, AL 36104.
Tri-State Institute in Birmingham, South University in Montgomery and Remington College in Mobile offer training in massage therapy. Virginia College has classes in all three cities and all are options for anyone looking into this career. If you are not interested in attending a college there is also the Montgomery School of Bodywork and Massage, the Boca Beauty Academy of Massage and the Cortiva Institute for Massage. These are only a hand full to choose from and further research should be done in order to pick the perfect place for you. The cost of training as well as the geographical area you are looking to train in is something to take into consideration when making an investment in your future.
Massage is a wonderful way to release stress as well as relieving symptoms that stress can cause. It’s hard to put a price on your health but depending on the length and type of massage you prefer will determine what you pay for the experience. A half-hour message can start at the reasonable rate of $40 dollars and go up and beyond $125 dollars for 1 1/2 hours. Some spas will give a first visit discount and others may offer coupons regularly in order to be competitive.
There are more than just a few types of massages that you can enjoy and all have there own set of purposes. There is the Swedish, deep tissue, medical and sport massage as well as a facelift, hot stone or shell, pregnancy and even a couples massage! More technical treatments can be a lymph drainage therapy, neuromuscular therapy or trigger point massage. Myotherapy, and myofascial release are slow, soothing and gentle treatments that can ease muscle spasms and pain. Such variety can ensure that you will find something to hit the right spot.

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