Arizona Massage Therapy

Obviously researching would be the common way of finding a massage therapist, but word of mouth is so much better. Most individuals keep going back to massage therapists because they like the end result, and when someone is happy, they will usually tell everyone. All you really need to do is ask and then keep your eyes open and try different massage therapists until you find the one that fits you. Most massage therapists are familiar with a multitude of techniques, but keep in mind, high prices massage therapists don’t always mean they are the best.

The Arizona state Board of Massage Therapy oversees certification of all massage therapists in Arizona. You will need transcripts from a certified school of the completion of 700 massage hours and fill out necessary paperwork in order to receive your massage license.

Going rates for the Phoenix Arizona area:
Depending on session $40-$290

Going rate for Flagstaff Arizona area:
Depending on session $70-$140

Going rate for Queen Creek Arizona area:
Depending on session $70-$110

Going rate for Tucson area:
Depending on session $60-$80

Going rate for Scottsdale area:
Depending on session $60-$100

Some possible Massage Therapy Schools of interest:
Arizona School of Massage Therapy has two locations in Arizona, one in Tempe and one in Phoenix, offering state-of-the-art massage and bodywork therapy training. You can graduate within seven months and be able to work almost anywhere in the country.

Allied Health Institute, an online school, introduces you to a vast knowledge in anatomy, physiology, pathology and the body systems. You become familiar with Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and much more. Upon successfully completing the program, students will receive a diploma and will be eligible for the national exam.

Other massages therapy schools in Arizona:
Carrington College – Mesa, Phoenix, Tucson
Brookline College – Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson
Cortiva Institute – Scottsdale, Tucson

Now, as you begin your search for the perfect massage therapist for you, remember to look at the skills the therapist is familiar with and also the range of symptoms they have been treating. You can also contact a massage therapist for a consulatation or even ask your own personal physician for a recommendation. Make sure to know what your symptoms are and begin researching the multitude of treatment methods of massage. Most massage therapist want to give you the most effective result from your time with them. You may want a full body massage, but consentrate on a specific area, like your lower back or your neck. Also remember, when you are getting a massage, this should not be a painful experience, it should be one of relaxation. Now at times you may feel some discomfort depending on your stress level in your body, but overall, when you get off that massage table, you should be refreshed and relaxed. I have to admit, I carry alot of stress in my shoulders and neck, and my massage therapist knows exactly where to consentrate her time and I feel like a million bucks everytime!

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