California Massage Therapy.

Massages are well known for promoting well-being and relaxation in your everyday life. The benefits of massage are diverse and extensive for you. The massage is one of the oldest healing techniques used by the different ancient societies like the Chinese, Persians, Hindus, and Egyptians.

Nowadays, a massage therapy is accepted as an important part of physical rehabilitation programs that can help you recover from harsh chronic pains, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, infertility, fatigue, depression, bursitis, and several other common illnesses in these days.

Massage therapy is an art that you need to learn with the best teachers available. If you want to practice massage therapy in California, and you live in the area of Sacramento, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, here are some of the best massage schools in the state.

* The Fair Oaks Massage Institute in the Sacramento area.
* California Healing Arts College in Los Angeles.
* San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork.

Now, if you are looking for massage therapies in California there are several factors that you might want to take in consideration first.

* Finding a massage therapist.
The first thing to do is to locate a massage therapist with a California Massage Therapy Council’s license. A simple web search with the words California Massage Therapy can display several results of businesses and therapists, or practitioners currently working in any city of California like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Sacramento. Once you found the correct candidate for you there are some extra things to do to have a perfect experience with a California Massage Therapist.

* Make sure that your massage therapist is certified.
If you choose a certified massage practitioner you know that he or she meets all the education, and preparation requirements to deserve the certification. Certified massage therapists in California undergo a background check, fingerprinting process, and more regulations to ensure that this person is a safe and legitimate body worker with the necessary educations. If you don’t make sure that your massage therapist is certified, your chances to end up injured, or hurt during a massage session increases a lot.

* Check that your massage therapist’s license is legit.
The California Massage Therapy Council or CAMTC is the only organization authorized to evaluate qualifications of massage therapists in all the state of California. They give licenses to all massage professionals who met the requirements to practice. There are two levels of certification in California, Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) and Certified Massage Practitioner (CMP). You can check the status of a license by using an online form on the CAMTC website, or by contacting them directly. If for some reason the certified professionals don’t meet the requirements anymore, the CAMT will revoke their license.

* Rates for massage in California.
California Massage Therapy’s rates vary a lot in the state. The average hourly rates for a legit massage in California vary from $8.50 at hotels, to $30.50 in Healthcare Clinics. The massage therapist salary rates from $26,000 to $65,750 depending on your city, workplace and experience in the business.

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