Connecticut Massage Therapy

If you live in the Connecticut area you may want to find a Connecticut Massage Therapy.When selecting your massage therapist there are many things you will want to know.Knowing these things will help you select the correct massage therapist for you.

Regardless of where you search in Connecticut;Bridgeport, New Haven or Hartford there are massage schools and massage therapists who are ready to offer their services to you.

In Connecticut there are laws and regulations that govern massage therapy in connecticut.
The Connecticut Massage Therapy law states that the therapist must graduate from a school that offers a course of not less than five hundred hours with the instructor. Because of this requirement for licensing,
your Connecticut Massage Therapy practioner spent time with an instructor and did not just take a book learning or internet course.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health regulates and licenses everyone who applies for a Connecticut Massage Therapy license. There are many schools that teach massage therapy one of these is Ridley Lowell which is located in Danbury, CT. Another school is the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy which is located in Newington CT. This school also has centers in Groton CT and Westport CT.

The going rate of a massage seems to range from forty dollars to over one hundred dollars. This rate depends on many factors including the amount of time spent with the therapist and introductory offers.

Most massage therapists offer an introductory special to get new clients interested in what they have to offer.Think of this as a kind of trial promotion. This is a win win situation for both the massage therapist and the new client.

Finding a Connecticut Massage Therapy is pretty easy once you know how. You can go to any search engineand find a reliable massage therapist in the Connecticut area. You can rest assured that you are going to get a great massage and some one who has knowledge of the art of massage therapy because of the required hours that a Connecticut Massage Therapy practitioner must put in to get the required license.

The key to finding an awesome massage therapist is to find some one you know, like and trust. It is a simple truth that people always do business with people who they know, like and trust. So, get to know your massage therapist by regular visits and feel free to ask them any questions that you have. Another great way to get to know them is to ask them for referrals. Once you get these referrals you can call and ask them questions about the therapist. If you get a good impression from the referrals and from the massage practitioner, you will find a reason to like and trust them.

Once you find that you like and trust them you will feel more secure doing business with them. The truth is that a massage will be something you will like when done correctly. Being honest, it would be rare that you would get a bad massage.

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