Massage Therapy in Delaware

Delaware massage therapy is a great way to achieve total body relaxation and boost overall health for everyone. Finding a massage therapist in Delaware has been made easy with the massage register. It is alphabetical and contains all of the licensed massage therapists in the state of Delaware. These massage therapists have rates that are quite diverse. The best thing to do is find out more about each therapist that offers the services that are wanted or needed and chose from there. To become a massage therapist there are several different schools that offer that program in the state of Delaware. In Wilmington and Dover there is the Harris School of Business. There are the National Massage Therapy Institute, the Dawn Career Institute, Deep Muscle Therapy Center and the Delaware Learning Institute.

If one wants a license to practice massage therapy in Delaware, one needs to be sure of school accreditation. To become a LMT or license massage therapist there are requirements that have to be fulfilled that are set by the state of Delaware. The board of license needs to have official documents. One of these needs to be an official score from the required and completed exam that the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. The other needs to be the official transcripts to be sent directly from the school to the license board. That transcript must show a completed five hundred hours of supervised, in-class study that specifically trains for the intended career.

Each school and the license board will have a complete list of the courses that are required for gaining a license to work in massage therapy. A CPR class is also required for obtaining a license. Warning to the wise, online CPR classes are not acceptable to gain a license in the massage field in Delaware. The license board does need a copy of ones’ CPR certification. There is biennial maintenance required for this license. All of the requirements listed here are for initial applicants. The requirements for all applicants are: one must be at least eighteen years of age, submit an application for massage therapist licensure for, and when sending in the application enclose a non-refundable processing fee. After attaining a license, finding a place to work is relatively simple. There are three large cities that have competitive rates and opening for massage therapists.

Wilmington, Dover and Newark are the three largest cities in Delaware and can offer opportunities for a licensed massage therapist. The normal rates for a massage therapist are approximate and by-the-hour. One hour will cost one fifty-five to one hundred twenty-five dollars, thirty minutes to an hour and a half will cost a customer between thirty and one hundred and ten dollars, with two hours being between ninety and two hundred dollars. To practice Delaware massage therapy one must comply with all of the requirements and fulfill all training. For eliminating stress of others and preparing another person for better health are the rewards of being a massage therapist.

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