Illinois Massage Therapy

Studies show that massage therapy has many benefits. It can help with stimulation of muscles that have become weak from inactivity, as is common with patients who have to be in the hospital for awhile. It can also help people relieve tension and relax and help relieve pain from exercise or sports related injuries.
In the state of Illinois a license is required to practice message therapy or to offer massage related services.
In Illinois the Department of Professional Regulation provides the license. All licenses for message therapy in the state of Illinois will expire on even number years on December 31st. A massage therapist must be licensed in Illinois to be able to use the term “massage therapist.” Some types of therapies that are not “soft tissue manipulation” as specified in the state definition of what a massage is, are exempt from the required license in the state of Illinois.
The Massage Network is an online site that is a great source for finding a massage therapist by city. You can also get recommendations from your doctor. Simply looking through the yellow pages is another option, but requires some homework to find one that is right for your needs.
Looking at Illinois’ three largest cities, some who offer service include Golden Lotus, Center For Health Resources and The Rub Shop in Chicago. Weis-Morris DaySpa Salon in Rockford, Illinois offers a variety of services, including massage therapies and Kyra Mikala MT is one practitioner in Aurora. Prices in these cities will average from $65 to $70 per hour.
A massage therapist in Illinois will work on average about 35 hours a week, but this can vary by experience and demand. Working in a clinic or spa offers more steady hours than working as an independent massage therapist.
Chicago School of Massage Therapy is the most prestigious and recommended of the message therapy schools in Illinois. They offer a flexible class schedule and a number of programs and specialties. They also have introductory courses you can take to see if a career in massage therapy is for you before pursuing more advanced courses.
Another is Soma Institute, which has a 98% job placement rate and financial aid. They offer alumni support after graduation and the choice of acquiring an advanced degree.
Cortiva Institute is another great choice. They offer combined instruction from 9 schools to provide a comprehensive choice for those pursuing a message therapy career. Cortiva also offers instruction on infant and maternity massages, an other avenue to pursue in the massage therapy field.
Other schools or institutions that offer instruction in message therapy in Illinois include Skin Care and Spa Institute and Everest College, which offers classes in massage therapy.
Many of these places offer massages to the public. The cost will vary. Cortiva, for example, offers 5 student massages to the public for $160.
With so many choices you can either pursue a career as a massage therapist or just sit back and relax and enjoy one yourself!

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