Massage Therapy In Colorado

Massage therapy is a growing field in the medical industry. Every year thousands of people utilize the skills of massage therapists to help relax and aid many physical ailments. There are hundreds of massage therapy schools throughout the country to train individuals in this field.

All massage therapists are regulated and licensed by the individual state’s medical board, by the Massage Licensing Division. Potential massage therapists must first complete the required courses at an accredited school. They must then pass an examination for the board. This examination will determine whether the individual has acquired the necessary skills, and techniques, to perform the job of massage therapist.

There are many different massage therapy schools located throughout the state of Colorado. Many of these schools are located in the largest cities of the state. These cities include Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora. Many schools also have location in the smaller cities located within the state. These schools include The Denver School of Massage, Anthem College, IntelliTec Medical Institute, and The Institute of Business and Medical Careers. Many of these schools offer accelerated courses which allow an individual to graduate in as little as six or seven months. Other programs offered can take up to a couple years.

Massage therapists have a wide variety of settings they can choose to work in. Many choose to work in spas and other business settings. Many resorts, hotels, and other places also offer massage therapy services to their clients. Other massage therapists choose to work in their own homes, or travel to their client’s homes.

The rates that individual massage therapists, and companies, charge is generally based on the experience of the individual person. Those with less experience are often cheaper than those who have been in the industry for many years. The average rate of a massage therapist in the Denver area is around $50 per hour. These average rates may be significantly higher, or lower, in other areas of the state. This is depended on the therapists’ skills as well as the demand for the services in any particular area. Ski resorts, spas, and other businesses may charge higher rates than massage therapists who are self employed.

There are many ways to find a massage therapist in your area, or in the area you will be in during your stay. One of the best ways to find a massage therapist is to ask people who you know. These people can include coworkers, family members, friends, or other acquaintances who use these services. There are also many websites who list, and often rate, massage therapists in a given area. These websites are a great resource, especially when you are in an area that you are vacationing in. Another way to find a reputable massage therapist is to ask your own physician or nurse.

Finding the right individual to create a long standing relationship with may take some time. Many people try several different massage therapists before finding the one they wish to use regularly for a long period of time.

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