Indiana Massage Therapy

Ater a long day at the office, what could be a better way to relax between work and heading home to make dinner, than going to receive a refreshing, calming massage from a professional massage therapist? It’s time to look into finding one for yourself, and to choose the type of massage you’d like.

First, it’s great to go in armed with a bit of background knowledge as to the type of massage you’re interested in, as there are many different varieties. Different therapists will specialize in different types (though some will have multiple specialties), and you should be able to find a massage therapist who is skilled in the type of massage you’ve chosen. Many therapists can offer the calming, stress-relieving nature of the full-body Swedish massage, or the pressure points treatment of Shiatsu massage. For some, finding a therapist with skills in deep tissue massage may be helpful, as they will have an alternative approach – a deep tissue massage is aimed to reach the deepest layers of muscles in your body, and to soothe recurring tight muscles or pain.

Once you’ve decided the specific type of massage you want to receive, you can find a therapist easily online through a search directory such as, which is provided by the American Massage Therapy Association. Here, you can search licensed and certified massage therapists in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, or anywhere else in Indiana. Before your first visit, be sure to ask about your therapist’s previous experience, and find out where they completed their training. They may have attended a local school such as Indiana Therapeutic Massage School, American College Massage School, or the Midwest Academy of Healing Arts, but it’s also important to be sure that your therapist is certified by the state, as all states have different regulations on massage from one another. In Indiana, therapists must complete 500 hours of training, and receive a certification. Additionally, all certified therapists must complete and pass the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork or the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination, and must hold and maintain liability insurance prior to their certification. Many states also require a set number of continuing education courses (usually 12-24) every two years or so, and Indiana is still determining how it will handle this aspect of certification.

A massage in Indiana averages from about $50-$75 per hour – and can still differ depending on additional services or treatments you may wish to add, or if you choose to have a longer or shorter massage. Most therapists will offer a special first-time client rate, or a deal on purchasing a membership, which can be a great incentive to plan your return.

Taking your health and wellness into your own hands by planning a massage for yourself and seeking out a massage therapist is such a positive, proactive step to taking care of yourself. Take pride in taking this action, and enjoy your first of what may be many more massages to come.

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