Massage Therapy Kanas

Tired of feeling tense, stressed, and full of nerves? Can you feel the anxiety knotting in your shoulders, calves, and lower back? Whether your tension is coming from overtime at the office, lack of sleep, or difficult relationships, finding a massage therapist is one of the best things you can do to take care of yourself.

There are many online resources you can search from to find a massage therapist with proper credentials, perhaps most notably the American Massage Therapy Association. This organization can help you search through licensed massage practitioners, and offers extensive background information on questions to ask your masseuse and on different types of massage available. As there are different types of massage specifically targeted for muscle pain, injury, stress relief, and preventive measures, find a massage therapist who specializes in the type you need. Be sure to discuss your plans to find a massage therapist with your doctor also, and see if he or she recommends anyone – many doctors will have several therapists in mind that they’ve recommended before, and finding your massage therapist through an already-trusted source can save you lots of leg-work (and additional stress!).

Kansas is one of only six states in the United States that does not have regulations for professional massage therapists, and thus has no specific continuing education requirements for massage therapy either. However, you may still be able to find a licensed massage therapist in Kansas, as many therapists become nationally certified on their own, through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Before choosing a new therapist, don’t be afraid to ask about their certification and training – you want to make sure your therapist is someone you feel comfortable with and can trust. For instance, the American Massage Therapy Association recommends that therapists have at least 500 hours of initial training before practicing, as this is the general regulation standard in most states.

There are many massage schools in Kansas as well, including MTTI-Wellspring, which has locations in both Kansas City and Lawrence. Many massage therapists in some of the largest cities in Kansas, including Wichita, Overland Park, and Kansas City, do their training at career-oriented school such as Pinnacle Career Institute, Heritage College, and the American Academy of Cosmetology and Massage Therapy. Many of these programs offer a certification for their students that is in line with the standards of most other states.

Massages in Kansas vary in price depending on the type of massage you desire, but most are available in the $40-$60 range for a session lasting 50 minutes to an hour. Many masseuses and clinics also offer additional services such as reflexology treatment for a slight additional charge.

When finding a local massage therapist in your area of Kansas, plan a bit of time to talk to others and research your therapist prior to your first massage. After this is done, prepare to go in and be calmed as your new, trusted massage therapist eases your tensions and stress away.

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