Message Therapy In Kentucky

Massage therapists in the state of Kentucky become liscenced by the Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy. The Kentucky board requires that a massage therapist pass the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork exam (NCBTMB). However if you have passed the Massage Board Liscensing Examination (MBLEX) and meet all requirement for endorsment you may be licensed. Not only is the licensing process taken very seriously so areissues with the massage therapist. If a person is posing to be a massage therapist but has never been liscened it also falls to the Licensing Board to take care of. A trial with due process is in your future for any illegal practicesor faulty claims which may be made.

All three of the largest cites; Lexington, Louisville and Owensboro, have schools where you can become a massage therapist. Daymar College, which has campuses in Louisville and Owensboro as well as else where in the state, Southwestern College, and Spencerian college, which has its campus located in Lexington all offer programs in massage therapy. It is not necessary for you to graduate from a Kentucky school to become a Kentucky licensed massage therapist, you could come from any massage therapy school in the country so long as you can pass the State Licensure Board requirements you can become licensed in Kentucky.

In Kentucky as well as many places in the United states the price of a massage therapy treatment vary by city and by the type of treatment which you wish to recieve. a general price range for a 30 to 45 minute message is between 30 and 60 dollars. For a 45 to 60 minute message the range is between 50 and 120 dollars. On average you will be able to get a good massage therapy treastment in Kentucky for around a dollar per minute of massage, however the rates do vary based on the type of massage recieved. These rates are very reasonable, do not think of a treatment at a Kentucky massage therapist to be cheap because the cost of living is what lowers the price compared to other states.

Now on to the fun stuff, finding a message therapist. There are many ways in which you can search for a massage therapist, word of mouth, the phone book, or the internet. The internet can provide you with a wealth of information which is not available to you were you to pick a massage therapist out of the phone book or to completely trust in the word of mouth accounts you recieve. websites such as can provide you with names, addresses, phone numbers, and price ranges. This in addition to the licensing validation provides are invaluble tools to find the best massage therapist for you. Some massage therapist do specialize in treating different ailments such as arthritis, stress, depression, and so on, so if you are not getting a massage for relaxation problems make sure to look into what each therapist specializes in so that they can cater to your needs and properly treat you.

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