Minnesota Massage Therapy

Are you over-worked, stretched too thin, or having trouble sleeping? Maybe you recently suffered an injury, or have been sleeping on the same old mattress for too long? Whatever the source of your aches and pains may be, finding a massage therapist is a wonderful way to soothe some of your tensions away in an all-natural, and calming way.

There are over 250 types of massage, and many therapists specialize in a particular brand. Some of the most common types are deep tissue, reflexology, and Shiatsu. The best way to find a massage therapist is by first doing your research to determine what type of massage you desire, and then search an online directory such as massageminnesota.com, for a therapist in your area. This directory includes numerous massage clinics and therapists located throughout Minnesota, including a great number of in large cities such as Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Duluth. Additionally, ask your current doctor if they know of any great therapists they could recommend to you. If you work in a particularly physically-demanding job, ask around your co-workers to see if any of them have sought relaxation and relief through massage therapy.

Minnesota is one of only six states in the United States that does not have regulations on massage therapy, but checking with an organization such as the American Massage Therapy Association can allow you to search through only certified, licensed therapists (many massage therapists still seek out certification on their own, through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. It’s also a good idea to check specifically with any potential massage therapists you might see, and ask them about their individual background and training – most states that do have regulations require licensed therapists to complete at least 500 hours of training, and will require 12-24 hours of continuing education training every two years or so. Minnesota has many massage therapy training schools, including the Aveda Day Spa Institute, Northwestern Health Sciences University, and CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu School & Clinic, and it can be helpful to become familiar with and ask your massage therapist if they attended any of these programs.

Massages in Minnesota vary in price, but will generally average about $60 per hour. Generally, massage therapy is not covered by health insurance unless it is prescribed by a doctor. Some clinics offer memberships, which is helpful if you plan on returning regularly, and some may also have discounts for new clients. Most massage therapists also offer additional services, such as a deeper tissue massage or a stone therapy treatment for a slight extra charge. You may also want to try a couples massage with your partner, for an intimate, relaxing experience.

Finding a massage therapist should never be a stressful situation – after all, the massage is supposed to relieve your tension, not create new stress. With the proper research and by simply asking questions, the process of finding a massage therapist and the right type of massage can be quick and painless.

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