New Mexico Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years. Greek physicians are the first to document the use of friction as a medical remedy. Many of their techniques, still used today, have great success. The Greeks loved their sports. Therefore, it is natural to assume they would be the first discoverer the many benefits of therapeutic massage involving sports related injuries.

A modern massage therapist must have an outgoing personality in today's modern world. They must also have effective oral and written communication skills. This is to build trust and relationships with their clients and to keep them coming back for more. It is also a good idea to know little bit about high impact emarketing too, although this is not a requirement. Understanding how to market themselves and their business is essential because building a quality client list will increase the likelihood of their success.

Unless exempt, for whatever reason, the massage therapist will be licensed by the Massage Therapy Board in the state of New Mexico. Classroom training is necessary before applying for a license, and, in order to graduate, the massage therapy student must complete:

• 165 hours minimum in anatomy and physiology
• 75 hours minimum in general instruction
• 30 hours minimum in professional ethics

There are several cities throughout state the state of New Mexico that offer classroom training for massage therapy. Apollo College and Kaplan Career Institute are in Albuquerque. Crystal Mountain is one of the oldest massage therapy schools around the state. It is also located in Albuquerque. There are others located in Alamogordo and Santa Fe. A National Certification in massage therapy is also available to consider. This would be good if you live in a border town where people from a neighboring state may visit. There are also many online courses available; however, it would be best to take classes near home.

Motels are offering complete getaway packages today and in packages include a masseuse. For example, the romance package would be a special evening for two people. This would include the massage, fresh flowers in the room, fresh rose petals sprinkled on the bed as well as in a candle lit bathroom. A complimentary bottle of champagne and are offered to go along with your meal, afterwards. For 85 bucks, that is not a bad deal. Of course, you want to tip the masseuse when they finished. So, for around a hundred bucks plus the cost of the room you your honey can have a nice weekend get away.

Package deals, such as the one above, are found at many stand-alone massage parlors these days. These types of massage parlors are perfect for those people that can sneak away from work on an afternoon. Then, there are massage therapists catering solely to sports injuries. They usually cater to accident victims, as well. The prices can be anywhere from $50 an hour or up to many hundreds of dollars depending on which services you choosing. So is best to call ahead of time and inquire.

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