New York Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an excellent, natural method to relieve muscular and body pains. You may want to take advantage if this safe and non-invasive therapy. When you get sore muscles or musculoskeletal pains, you can easily alleviate the pain through massage techniques performed by a licensed massage therapist. There are various New York massage therapy schools in the different cities of the State of New York because people recognize its remarkable advantages.

New York Schools of Massage Therapy

In New York, New York, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine – Massage Program, American Center for the Alexander Technique, Reiki Arts Continuum and the Swedish Institute offer good programs for massage therapists. Albany also has its Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy and New York College of Health Professions which offer high standards of training for massage therapy students.

The city of Buffalo offers this course at the New York Institute of Massage and at the Trocaire College Massage Therapy Program. Both have excellent massage therapy centers where students get hands-on exposure to the different massage techniques. Tuition fees vary for different schools but generally, the tuition fees for community colleges are less expensive than private colleges.

New York Massage Therapy Licensing Body

The Education Department’s Office of Profession is responsible for the professional licensing of massage therapists for the state of New York. Before a massage therapy graduate can take the New York Exam, he/she should have 1,000 hours of education requirement. The graduate should also pass the written exams before he/she is granted a license to practice. Although the State of New York does not require massage therapists to pass the National Exam, they only grant licenses to those who are able to pass the New York State’s Licensure Exams.

The Division of Professional Licensing services Massage Therapy is responsible for granting licenses to massage therapists so they could practice in New York. The professional fees differ for each center because of the different types of massages that clients want to have. They may prefer the full body massage, or the deep tissue massage, the myofascial release, the neuromuscular technique or many other types of body massage.

New York Massage Therapy Services

You can relieve muscular pains like back and body pains through massage therapy sessions. These sessions may include massage techniques like deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage and many more. The deep tissue massage involves the massage of deep-seated muscles to reduce knots and tension that can cause pain.

In the trigger point technique, the massage therapist concentrates on focal points to de- stress the muscles of a particular part of the body. The Shiatsu focuses on the qi gong, the vibrant energy produced by the body. When this energy is directed properly, it is believed that it promotes mental, spiritual, and physical well being.

New York Massage Therapy Prices

Some shops charge $75 to $90 per hour for a massage, $55 for a one-hour rubdown, or $85 for 90 minutes. If you want a quick backrub, then you can get it for only $10 per 10 minutes. Almost all of the shops in the big cities of New York, like New York, Buffalo, and Albany have several massage therapy shops that cater to all the needs of individuals who want to take advantage of this non-invasive, natural, and healthy method of alleviating stress and musculoskeletal pains.

The services offered by New York massage eherapy clinics and shops are reliable and comprehensive. These ascertain that you get relief and cure from your debilitating muscular pains.

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