Ohio Massage Therapy

Today massage therapy provides many benefits. Massage therapy has been incorporated into many physical rehabilitation programs throughout the United States. Massage therapy has proven effective in the relief of many chronic illness and conditions such as: low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, immunity suppression, infertility, smoking cessation, depression and many more. Massage therapy can also help to relieve the stress of everyday life and can help individuals’ better cope with their stress. One of the keys to receiving good quality massage therapy is to find a licensed therapist in your state.

Who regulates massage therapy in Ohio?

When you decide to visit a massage therapist for the first time you will want to make sure that the therapist is licensed in the state for which he or she is practicing. In Ohio the state medical board is in charge of licensing and regulating massage therapists. Ohio was the first state to regulate massage therapists and this practice dates back to 1916. Therapists must possess a high school diploma and be able to pass the state board exam which consists of science anatomy, chemistry, hygiene, diagnosis and a practical application as well. Each applicant must pay a 35 dollar application fee and also a fee of 250 dollars is required for the examination to be administered. Applicant must have had no less than 750 hours of training at an approved massage therapy school of study.

Massage therapy schools in Ohio.

There are many approved schools in the area which offer massage therapy. Many are in or near major cities such as, Columbus, Chillicothe and Cincinnati. Columbus State Community College, located in Columbus, Ohio offers massage therapy and is approved by the state medical board. They offer discount rates for massages and also have very convenient hours. Anotelli College, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is also accredited by the state board and offers massages at a very good discount rate and is available for appointments and walk-ins. Daymar College, located in Chillicothe, Ohio now offers massage therapy as a course of study and offer massages to the public for a huge discount and has very flexible hours. The rates at most all of the colleges are as follows: $30 for 60 minutes, $45 for 90 minutes, and $60 for 120 minutes. These are very good rates and are at half of the cost of a professional massage therapist.

Word of mouth is the best referral.

The absolute best way to pick a massage therapist is by hearing good reviews from a friend you can trust. So begin by asking friends and co-workers if they have a massage therapist who they see on a regular basis and if they would recommend them to you. Be sure that you are comfortable with the therapist. What may be a good fit for your friend may not be for you.

Massage therapy is and can be a vital and important part of one’s overall physical and mental health. A good massage therapist should be highly respected for his or her skills that they bring to the table.

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