Oklahoma Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has helped many who suffer from over used muscles, high levels of stress and painful chronic health conditions. An expert professional massage therapy session can be relaxing and very calming; ease the body’s tension. Often times the massage therapist will dim the lights to candle light level and play very soft music; some even have small soothing water running over rock fountains in order to precipitate a soothing environment. The experience of receiving massage therapy can be very rewarding, relaxing and healthful.

The state of Oklahoma has no educational, credentialing, regulations or licensing requirements to be a massage therapist. There are some who do not have any national certificate or formal massage therapy training who charge outrageously for a less qualified therapeutic massage than those who have attended the accredited colleges or vocational schools. Locating a properly trained massage therapist in Oklahoma, however, is not difficult. Most health clinics, spas, salons and fitness centers only hire or refer massage therapists that have graduated from the licensed accredited colleges or vocational schools and received their national certification.

Most Oklahomans only trust massage therapists who have received a passing certificate from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). This is a very difficult national exam to pass. Only those massage therapists who have attended an accredited college or vocational school that offers formal therapeutic massage training and education are allowed to take this. The NCBTMB equates to the person being nationally credentialed for message therapy for any state. There are 15 accredited colleges and vocational schools in Oklahoma that offer the course curriculum and training required to pass the NCBTMB.

Norman, Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas have many health clinics, spas, salons and fitness centers that offer nationally certified professional massage therapy; mentioned in the yellow pages or on website listings. These places offer a variety of different types of massage therapy treatments including sports massage, Pedi-massage, hot-stone massage therapy, Swedish massage, Thai massage, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular massage therapy, spinal massage therapy, relaxation massage techniques, cellulite therapy massage, facial massage, and therapeutic pregnancy massage therapy. These places will inform where their massage therapists received their training and have their NCBTMB certificates visible for customers.

The average rate for a therapeutic massage therapy session begins at $25 per half hour; full hour treatment $55 (most charge $65 on up). Specialized therapeutic massage treatments like hot-stone massage therapy begin around $100 to $120, some charge $180 and up. The prices for this type of service vary drastically from place to place and per massage therapist as well as per kind of treatment.

Word of mouth in Oklahoma remains the best method to find a massage therapy. Another alternative would be the Internet and search under “massage therapists in Oklahoma.” Some websites will display customer reviews which are great for giving one an idea of what degree of therapeutic massage therapy service to expect. These help one make an educated assessment while choosing the perfect Oklahoma massage therapy.

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