Tips and Tricks for New Up and Coming Massage Therapists

Try not to become impatient; being self-employed is always a struggle for the first couple of years, in any profession.

Pay attention to your body and remember self care. If you look after yourself you will be better able to care for others more effectively.

Listen to your clients’ verbal and non-verbal messages. By giving clients what they want, we ensure that they will return.

Do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of. Your skills and time are worth money, and should be recognized as such by yourself and whoever you massage.

Accept constructive criticism and learn from it.

Do not get discouraged if you cannot fix everyone-some people will never benefit from your work, while others will come along leaps and bounds.

Spend time with other therapists-we can learn a lot from our peers, and vice versa.

Massage Therapy and Scope of Practice:

Scope of practice is a term that is used to define what you are trained to perform safely. For example, many massage therapists learn how to perform passive range of motion techniques with their clients. However, joint mobilization, despite sounding like the same technique is not taught to, nor should it generally be performed by massage therapists. Licensing bodies have been given the task to communicate scope of practice to massage therapists. By remaining within the scope of practice a massage therapist is performing techniques within their educational base, and as such, the techniques are assumed to be safe for the clients. By remaining aware of their scope of practice, massage therapists can continue to work knowing that what they are doing is promoted and is safe for the client. Having a clearly defined scope of practice also helps to promote massage to the general public in a researched and regulated light.

As a massage therapist you are obligated to determine the definition of massage therapy according to your state licensure. If a client requires a skill that you are not licensed to perform, your best bet is to refer them to a therapist that is qualified in the discipline.

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