Wisconsin Massage Therapy

Are you looking for a good massage therapist in the state of Wisconsin? Before you scour the telephone directory or the internet for possible candidates, there are a few things that you need to consider in choosing the therapist that would suit your needs. Whether a massage patron or a first-timer these useful tips will surely help you in your search. It is important that you assess the purpose for seeking therapy. Whether it be for injury rehabilitation, relief from stress, or body pain, you should take your needs into account in selecting a therapist.

One of most important tips you should remember is to choose a massage therapist that is licensed. This way you are assured that he or she possesses the necessary qualifications, training and education to do the job. Licenses for massage therapists in Wisconsin are issued by the Wisconsin Department of Regulation. Licensed therapists are those who have secured the Wisconsin State Certification and carry the abbreviation LMT behind their name. Under the current law, the purpose of the license was only to make use of the title. Recently however, the practice of massage therapy has been subjected to further regulation by the State of Wisconsin with the passage of the 2009 Act 355, it is now mandatory for massage therapists to secure licenses not only for the purpose of designating themselves as such but as a requisite for practicing their profession.

Of course it is necessary to choose a massage therapist that would not only suit your needs but also your budget. As such, your budget range is also a factor in hiring the therapist for you. If you have budgetary constraints you might also want to consider going to massage therapy schools. This has been quite popular recently because of the advantages it gives to patrons. The students in these schools do the bodywork and are equipped with the skills and training to do the therapy. In addition, these students are eager to please there clients as they gain hands-on experience. This way you can avail of the services of a massage therapist at a much lower cost and you also help educate the student just by scheduling an appointment with the massage therapy school. To help you out, here are just a few schools in the state’s largest cities (Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay) that you could choose from:

1. Milwaukee School of Massage
Rate: hourly rate of $42 for all services offered
Location: 830 E. Chambers Street, Milwaukee, WI

2. Lakeside School of Massage Therapy
Rate: $30 for a 50-minute session (discounted to $20 for people 55 years and older)
Location: 1726 N. 1st St. Milwaukee, WI
6101 Odana Rd., Madison, WI

3. Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork
Rate: $35 per hour (discounted to $25 for seniors)
Location: 2005 West Beltline Highway, Madison, WI
1640A Fire Lane Dr., Green Bay WI

4. Globe University
Rate: Not available
Location: 2620 Development Drive, Green Bay, WI 54311

These are just a few examples of massage therapy schools with information available online but there are still a number of schools you could choose from all throughout the state. To date there are more than 20 schools across Wisconsin with the majority located in Madison and Milwaukee. Rates generally range from $30 – $50 and they usually offer discounts for senior citizens. So if you feel the need to treat yourself to a relaxing massage session, going to a massage therapy school just might be the best option for you. Not only are the rates cheaper but you also get to help a student gain more experience as well!

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